Product Certification Services

Medical Device Certification

Get assistance with any aspect of your medical device certification process, whilst cutting costs and time to market drastically. We provide the following product certification services: CE marking and FDA.

EEE Testing & Certification

Get help with the compliance testing and certification of your electrical equipment to access markets in Europe, North America and other parts of the world. We assist with CE, FCC and CB certification.

EU Declaration of Conformity

We will provide you with a Declaration of Conformity for your product that is approved by legal experts within CE marking and includes complete information about your legal responsibilities.

EU Representation

Our subsidiary, Clever Representative, can act as an official EU authorised representative. Simply access our digital platform to get EU representation in minutes, no matter your location.

Compliance department

Get access to a digital SaaS solution that will help you and your compliance team streamline product certification activities, reduce costs and mitigate risks related to regulatory non-compliance.
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