Electrical Safety Testing & Certification Services

Electrical manufacturers

Manufacturers of electrical products must comply with strict product safety regulations and pay extra attention to different regulatory and compliance standards. As a result, they often need help with the certification process of their products.

Product testing is the most crucial part of the certification process, and it should not be left out of it. It is required to ensure the quality and reliability of a product that is about to enter a market. Through product testing, manufacturers can set technical standards for their products to deliver high-quality goods that are safe for customer use. Electrical safety testing helps verify that a product is designed correctly and fulfils all health, safety and environmental legal requirements applicable to it.

ce compliance testing services for electrical products
electrical safety testing

Main issues with product testing and certification

Electrical safety testing and certification doesn’t come with no obstacles, and manufacturers often face market entry barriers like:

  • Lack of regulatory knowledge
  • Lack of supplier compliance documentation
  • Skyrocketing costs for safety testing
  • Extremely long lead times
  • Documentation upkeep

Manufacturers of products like electrical equipment and machinery are advised to test every single component of their newly developed products to balance safety and liability. However, such thorough product testing is usually time and cost prohibitive.

Our way to help with electrical safety testing and certification

We can help you obtain fast and efficient electrical safety testing and certification needed to trade your products in Europe, North America and other parts of the world. We partner with some of the top European institutes for product testing that have extensive experience in electrical safety testing, including pre-assessment, failure analysis, and full compliance testing.

Moreover, as the testing of a product is carried out, we record each of the variables and outcomes meticulously. We provide the product manufacturer with detailed test reports, containing accurate and well-organised metrics. These reports help them make design decisions and can be shared with the end-user for verification and validation purposes.

Testing services for various products

Our accredited partners can provide electrical safety testing for the following product types:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Multimedia and audio equipment
  • Other electrical goods, such as lighting equipment and switch and control gears
  • Machinery and interchangeable equipment

Electrical safety testing documentation

We need specific documentation to arrange your product compliance testing:

  • Product description, intended use and instructions for use
  • Product images
  • Datasheets of safety-relevant components
  • Schematics, layouts and technical drawings

Enjoy several benefits

Testing a product with us brings the following benefits:

  • The lead time for electrical safety testing can often be as little as 3 weeks
  • The costs are cut significantly
  • Products are tested thoroughly, ensuring their quality and safety

Additional compliance assistance

Our compliance team can also help you with the rest of the certification process:

  • Perform a thorough regulatory GAP analysis, determining all that applies to your product
  • Support for creating a proper technical file structure
  • Assistance in writing technical documentation, such as user manuals and procedure specifications
  • Review of existing technical documentation for completeness and compliance
  • Production of a Declaration of Conformity, FCC certificate or CB-scheme certificate.
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