CE marking compliance for EU importers

EU importers

EU importers are responsible for ensuring that the products they place on the EU market comply with the European legislation and bear the CE marking. CE marking is mandatory for all products that need to get access to the EU single market and are covered by the scope of at least one or more EU directives. If a product is not within their scope, it is prohibited to affix the CE marking.

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Common issues for EU importers

When exporting products to Europe, importers must be in possession of the products’ technical documentation. However, experience has shown that importers often lack one or several of the following files:

  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Test reports
  • Type-examination certificates
  • Instructions for use.
As a result, their products are held for Customs clearance due to missing documentation and information.

Our way to help EU importers

We make it easy for EU importers to gain access to the European market in no time.

You will receive a valid Declaration of Conformity, which:

  • Includes complete information about your legal responsibilities
  • Is approved by legal experts within CE marking
  • Is accepted by Amazon and any other marketplaces
  • Helps you check for fake CE marking symbol
  • Keeps you out of trouble with the market authorities

We provide a fast and professional service:

  • Our experts have extensive experience in CE marking products
  • We have satisfied customers worldwide
  • You will receive the Declaration of Conformity in 1-3 business days
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Declaration of Conformity?
The Declaration of Conformity is the document certifying that your product fulfils the CE marking product safety requirements and is allowed for sale in the EU/EEA. As a European importer, you can receive this document from your supplier or create it yourself.
What products need to have a Declaration of Conformity?
A vast number of products must have a Declaration of Conformity to be sold in Europe. For instance, medical devices, electronics, toys, machinery, and vehicles.
What products do NOT need to have a Declaration of Conformity?
The law forbids to issue a Declaration of Conformity for books, paintings and cosmetics.
What happens if I sell my product without a Declaration of Conformity?
The market authorities will recall the product, and you will get a monetary fine. You may also face imprisonment for placing non-compliant products on the EU market.
How can you help me?
We produce a valid Declaration of Conformity for importers and Amazon sellers who want to trade products Europe.
Can you help me if I want to rebrand an imported product?
Yes, we can provide you with a new Declaration of Conformity where your company is stated as the product manufacturer.
What do I need to do to sell my product on Amazon?
You need to provide Amazon with a Declaration of Conformity for the product you want to sell on their marketplace.
I already have a Declaration of Conformity from the manufacturer, but Amazon didn’t accept it?
Amazon didn't accept your Declaration of Conformity because it probably didn't contain some of the product information required by law or didn't have the correct structure.

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