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A ready-made package of time-saving compliance tools and other features designed to help you organise and improve your day-to-day compliance.

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Compliance dashboards and reports
Get a complete "snapshot" of your company's product compliance processes and initiatives in an easy-to-use, interactive display. Gather and interpret complex product regulatory data, flag deviations and spot potential difficulties with conformity mandates. Use real-time data to educate board members and other decision-makers on the state of product compliance within the organisation. Running reports via a digital compliance dashboard is quicker and more efficient than painting a picture via an Excel spreadsheet.
Compliance management tools
Leverage numerous digital tools available in the product compliance management system to reduce the time and cost spent on compliance tasks. Get a world overview of product markings and certifications, find relevant legislation in minutes, use keywords to browse for applicable UL or EU harmonised standards, explore the database of label requirements, and more.
Monitoring of regulatory changes
Stay up to date with the changes and updates in the regulatory framework using a regulatory monitoring system. Monitor the standards and regulations for changes and take immediate actions if compliance issues arise.
Compliance documentation repository
A cloud storage space where you and everyone else on your team can upload and update compliance and other types of documentation at any time, no matter your geographical location.
Supplier compliance interface
Make sure your suppliers know what product documentation to upload, if their documentation is compliant and what they need to do to become compliant. Create custom forms for supplier data collection, set up workflows to keep you on the right track, pull out relevant reports and ensure compliance with the new SCIP regulation. Read more about the supplier portal
Compliance documentation generator
Design, generate and distribute important compliance documentation using the documentation generator available in the product compliance management system. Set up document templates, streamlining the production of legal documents, increasing workplace efficiency and ensuring a high level of governance and quality.
Product compliance workflow roadmaps
Get your personalised roadmap to compliance to track the end-to-end process of regulatory approval for newly developed products and free your compliance team from the repetitive manual tasks.
Compliance status in a click
A compliance alert system that provides you with real-time status updates regarding the regulatory compliance of your products and allows you to take timely actions to avoid non-compliance.
Project collaboration and coordination
Customer-based workspaces that ensure collaboration and coordination between the compliance team, product development unit, and any other group involved in the release of a product.

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Jacob Rydholm
Business unit manager, Specialized Operational Excellence

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